Establishment of the decontamination section for plastic packaging intended for the transport and storage of protective preparations used in agriculture

Uispac SRL, str. NM Spătaru, 75, mun. Chișinău, RM, MD2075, as initiator of the project „ Creation of the decontamination section of plastic packaging intended for transportation and storage of protective preparations used in agriculture ”, announces the interested public, about the start of the public consultation of the project of the Program for carrying out the environmental impact assessment, within the environmental impact assessment procedures established by art. 19 of Law no. 86 of May 29, 2014 on environmental impact assessment.
Uispac SRL, holding the Environmental Authorization for waste management Series 005 no. 04/2018, proposes for examination the implementation of the technological process of decontamination of plastic packaging intended for the transportation and storage of protective preparations used in agriculture. The collection will be done by direct delivery of plastic packaging by economic agents and individuals in the arranged territory, and the technological processing line will be set up separately from that of processing other categories of plastic waste.
Main purpose of the activity planned for implementation is the collection of plastic packaging from pesticides from individuals and legal entities, their processing to the state of granules, followed by the process of casting, extrusion or pressing (depending on the type of raw material) in finished products that are part from the category of industrial-economic ones.
Sensitive areas in the vicinity of the site (for example, areas protected by the state, state forest fund, protection areas of groundwater sources, protection areas of surface aquatic objectives, etc. ) are not identified, being a territory located in an industrial area of ​​the Ciocana sector, t. Chisinau; the distance from the sanitary protection area of ​​urban, rural, industrial complexes, etc. is observed being greater than 200 m.
Negative effects, as a result of the implementation of the project proposed for examination, on the environment is not planned, will also be processed plastic packaging contaminated with hazardous substances that currently pollute the environment.
Thus, in order to consult the project of the Implementation Program, the request for prior assessment of the impact on the environment and the decision no. 3080 of 23.08.2019, issued by the Environmental Agency, is made available to the interested public accessing the related information by the following methods:
Web page SRL Uispac:;
Address at which SRL Uispac ensures access to information on paper: mun. Chisinau, str. N.M. Spătaru, 75, MD-2075 ;
Address of the local public administration authority on whose territory the development of the project is planned: Price of Ciocana sector, Chisinau municipality, 4/3 Mircea cel Batran street.
The interested public may, from the date of publication of this notice, submit in writing, justified and relevant comments / observations to the content of the draft Program for the implementation of the environmental impact assessment within 30 days. they can be submitted directly to the headquarters or sent to the initiator, to the local public administration, as well as to the competent authority for environmental protection responsible for coordinating the environmental impact assessment procedure of the planned activity / project.

Graph of the evaluation procedure
The PREIM project

Last modified: 17 March 2021